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Greg Pro

With over 20 years of experience in the themed entertainment industry, Greg Pro continues to provide quality print and presentation art. He specializes in movie, commercial, and theme park illustration. This site provides a small sample of artwork created for Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Paramount Parks, and many more.

Skills Summary

* Professionally trained digital and traditional artist
* Over 10 years experience in Photoshop.
* Over 6 years experience in CGI modeling and design. Specializing in Cinema 4D.
* Additional software: SketchUp, Vue, After Effects, Premiere Pro,
* Owner and operator 104 core renderfarm server rack for architectural CGI animation.

* Walt Disney Studios
* Paramount Recreation Group
* Paramount Pictures
* Landmark Entertainment Group
* Cunningham Group
* Entertainment Development Group
* MCM Group
* Steelman Partners
* PBS and J
* Miziker Entertainment Group
* Wyatt Design Group | MSI
* BRC Imagination Arts
* Thinkwell Design
* Favilli +  Sfingi

* IdeAttack, Inc.
* Universal Studios
* The Goddard Group
* Rhythm and Hues
* Herschend Family Entertainment
* Six Flags Magic Mountain
* Cedar Fair
* Seiniger Advertising
* Bacon /Renerick Design
* Sega
* Hnedak Bobo Group
* On Track Themes Inc.
* Spectra Entertainment
* Damron Design
* Mattel