I decided with Summer just around the corner, I had better do something about reducing the heat that’s generated in my office from these computers. Since I’m pretty much a digital artist, having the right equipment is important. Having a comfortable office is even more important. I started with my Falcon Northwest $6,000 custom built PC computer. Believe me it’s heavy to lift. This computer seemed powerful at the time, but I ended up having more trouble with it then it’s worth. I must have sent it back to the factory two or three times. The tech support was helpful, but I must say I was not impressed with the product.  Never will do that again…

After doing the research I built my own mini computer about a week ago that uses considerably less amount of energy, is super light weight, no heat exhaust, and is triple the power of the Falcon for only $700!  I found some helpful advice on what to get from various Forums. Newegg is great for all the parts. It’s amazing how quickly technology is improving.

Maybe someday I’ll wear my computer like a watch. :)

New Green Computer!