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Entertainment City

In 2010, I was contracted to design and Illustrate several lands for a branded theme park located in China. The challenge was to create exciting designs that stay within the clients production budget. These images had to inspire and provide a mood with the use of strong color statements. Usually I’m creating images based on a sketch or idea, in this case, I was given minimal direction and license to explore my own ideas. Knowing your client and target audience helps in deciding a direction. For Entertainment City, I needed to keep the exterior designs simple with a more¬†extravagant interior. The deadline was tight, but all designs were delivered on time.

2d artwork1


Even though it’s not Halloween, I still like to create a good scary picture every once in awhile.


Cintiq 24 HD

Cintiq 24 HD!

Just picked up this beauty a couple weeks ago. I can’t imagine how I have been able to work without it for so long. The Cintiq 24 HD is the closest we digital artists can get to traditional painting and drawing (see it here).

I’m also using the Adobe Photoshop CS6. Again, how was I able to work without this too?